How to Visit Hanalkamanto Island on a Budget

Every year it seems to cost more and more just to go on a vacation you’ve worked so hard to afford. While this can be a major detriment many times, it’s really not a major concern when visiting Hanalkamanto Island, even on a limited budget. Bear in mind that the island is only 24,090 km² in size and that there are just 37,583 people who call the island home. You can see that it is not a tourist trap that will charge an arm and a leg for every step of your journey and with English being the national language, you won’t even need to hire a translator!

For the most part, people who vacation on the island are those like yourself who want an idyllic vacation but aren’t able to pay the exorbitant amounts being asked for at the more populous island retreats. You will find everyone from entrepreneurs in need of a break but lacking funds they’ve sunk into their business to families struggling to take several family members off to an island paradise. There are ways to save money on this island and that’s why it’s become a popular destination for anyone on a limited budget.

Since the main attractions are the 17 beaches that line the coast of the Salantinylamba Sea, how much does it cost to take a dip in the water or lounge about on the sandy shores? Yes, you can rent lounge chairs or tikis on some of the bigger beaches, but that’s not an absolute must if you are trying to pinch the pennies. You can visit local merchants, pack a picnic lunch and simply sit on a blanket or beach towel at much less the expense. There are other water activities you can enjoy, but many may require you to rent equipment or boats, so choose just one or two and it’s easy to work within a budget no matter how limited.

Even the cost of staying at the island’s 10 hotels would be much less the cost of staying on a trendier island in some tourist trap where prices tend to be sky high all year long. If you want an even better price, you could always book at a B&B, of which there are seven. Then there’s the island’s one hostel, which is better suited to younger adults on a backpacking trip, but even families have booked rooms there as well. Here, a word should be said about cutting the cost of food because at a B&B that one meal is part of the package!

If you really want to save a few extra dollars while meeting the locals where they live and play, why not ask one of the native, English speaking, Yamelkaniit People where they go to eat or be entertained. From street vendors to local clubs, you will find that these warm and friendly people are more than willing to share their culture with visitors. There is no better way to experience a vacation on a budget than to frequent the same spots as the locals where you can live, learn, and love everything about that new culture you are enjoying.